Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops Stevia Liquid Coconut 60ml

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SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia Coconut is a natural, convenient and healthy sweetener. It contains no calories or carbohydrates and may be used in tea, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes or any recipe. SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Coconut is delicious, has no aftertaste, and is diabetic friendly. From drinks to desserts, appetizers to entrees and so much more, the options are endless. SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Coconut contains 288 servings.

Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia Cola Benefits:

  • Natural, convenient and healthy sweetener
  • No calories or carbs
  • Use in tea, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes or any recipe
  • 288 servings

Add flavor, not calories or carbs! Made with stevia leaf extract and natural flavors, SweetLeaf Sweet Drops let you add just the right amount of flavor and sweetness to food and beverages. Since their introduction in 1996, Sweet Drops have become a favorite with consumers, who enjoy creating unique mixes and finding new ways to use the drops. With no artificial flavorings, consumers can be confident that their water, oatmeal or yogurt remain healthy and natural.

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