Spry Gems Mints (Xylitol Sweetened) Berry 25g x 6 Display

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Xlear Spry Gems Mints Berry is all-natural and sugar free.  No need to feel guilty about enjoying these sweet mints that provide a blast of raspberry and blackberry in Spry Gems Mints!  Combining the tooth-protecting properties of xylitol with a tasty, pH-balanced formula to maintain the health of teeth, gums and oral tissues.  Xylitol actually promotes oral health and may reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Use Xlear Spry Gems Mints with the Spry Coolmint Toothpaste, Spry Coolmint Oral Rinse, and Spry Chewing Gum.

Spry Xylitol mints are sugar-free and sweetened with 100% Xylitol!  Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that products sweetened with 100% xylitol may reduce the risk of tooth decay when used consistently.

Products sweetened with xylitol create and unwelcome environment for bacteria; study after study has shown that they simply do not stick well to teeth in a xylitol-rich environment.

Enjoy great flavor and a cleaner mouth with Spry Dental Mints!

Xylitol mints are recommended by dentists, medical doctors, periodontists, pediatricians, and many health organizations and health professionals worldwide as healthy alternatives for anyone concerned with dental health, upper respiratory health, and sugar consumption in general.

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