Nature’s Goodness Superbeet Formula (Beetroot Juice Blend Concentrate) 500ml

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Beetroot has been a staple food in Eastern Europe for many centuries. It also served an important role as a dietary supplement because of its numerous nutrients. Beetroots, (Beta Vulgaris), evolved from the wild seabeet, a native plant commonly found on the coastlines of Europe. Since the early Greek and Roman times, the root has been used for widespread medicinal purposes around the globe. Hippocrates, the ‘Father of Medicine’ used the beetroot leaves for wound dressings. The Romans used the beetroot as a form of aphrodisiac.

The beetroot was then used for a number of medicinal purposes over the next few centuries as a means to promote health and wellbeing. During the Renaissance the beetroot was used to aid digestive problems. Overall, it is evident that the beetroot has served many healthful purposes over the years, and modern medicine is exacting the true benefits of the humble beet.

Beetroot Juice is a potent natural source of Nitrate. In addition, Beetroot Juice is also high in iron, Betanin, Vitamins A and C, and high in calcium . It also contains folic acid, protein, manganese, potassium and fibre. Protein assists the supply of oxygen to cells around the body, as well as producing white cells to protect against disease. High nitrate and nitrite foods recently caught the attention of medical researchers looking at the unique properties of these foods, and their influence on our health.

The juice concentrate also contains pomegranate juice and grape seed extract. Grape seed extract is one of nature’s strongest antioxidants.

  • High in Nitrates
  • Memory
  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • No added sugar
  • Makes 3 Litres
  • ORAC 25,000 µmol/L

Ingredients: Beetroot juice concentrate (80%), pomegranate juice concentrate (10%), apple juice concentrate (9%), grape seed extract, citric acid (food acid), sodium benzoate (preservative), potassium sorbate (preservative).

Suggested Use: Dilute 1 part of juice (30-50ml) with 5-6 parts of water.

Directions: Store below 30ºC. Keep refrigerated after opening.

Caution: Please note that beetroot juice can change the colour of your urine and stools, however this is perfectly normal.

No added sugar, yeast, gluten, salt, artificial colours or flavours.

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