Nature’s Delight Organic Sun Muscat Raisins 250g

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It is believed that raisins were discovered as long ago as 1490 B.C. when farmers happened upon grapes drying on a vine, and many years later the first vineyards were developed with the purpose of growing what are today known as raisins.

Our organic sun muscat raisins are a specialised variety of raisin known for their sweeter flavour, and as a result they are a popular favourite in our online store.  Grown in Australian Vineyards they sun dried on the vine to retain their natural goodness and being organic, are completely free of any chemicals.

Health Benefits

Raisins pack a lot of nutrients into their small size. They are high in potassium, which is an alkaline mineral important for the nervous system, muscular contractions and for healthy blood pressure. They are a good source of iron and B6 and are rich in beneficial digestive fibre and good carbohydrates.

In the Kitchen

Sun muscat raisins are sweet with a slightly tangy flavour that makes them taste great just on their own. They are perfect as a sugar substitute in breakfast cereals and home-made muesli bars and are excellent for baking with, especially fruit cakes & cookies, slices or puddings. They also make a great snack in school lunches or a tasty addition to a homemade trail mix along with your favourite nuts and seeds.

Interesting Facts about Raisins:

The word ‘Raisin’ comes from the Latin racemus and means “a cluster of grapes or berries”.

It takes more than 4 tonnes of grapes to produce 1 tonne of raisins.

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