Naturally Sweet 100% Natural Xylitol Birch 500g

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Naturally Sweet 100% Natural Xylitol Birch 500g

Naturally Sweet Birch Xylitol 500g resealable pouch. Imported from Finland. Certified non GMO Kosher Halal.

There is so much misleading or incorrect information on the web about the difference between Xylitol extracted from corn or birch.

All Xylitol has the same molecular structure regardless of the plant it was extracted from. Xylitol is made from D-xylose from xylan syrup which can be extracted from a number of plant sources. Due to the high costs of extraction and product availability our standard best selling Naturally Sweet Xylitol range is extracted from non GMO corn.

The extraction required for Birch Xylitol as well as the base product are more expensive than corn and hence this is a more expensive product. However we recognise that some customers prefer Birch Xylitol for a variety of reasons and we have therefore decided to reintroduce it into Australia.

All Naturally Sweet Xylitol is Pharmaceutical Grade and certified non GMO.

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