About Us

The Health Snack Story

Health Snacks online was born out of the increasing demand for both children and adults to consume and enjoy more natural, vegan and organic snacks rather than what is typically on offer at supermarkets. 

In a study performed in 2011 on 800 nurses, it was shown that snacking on regular crisps, chocolate, and biscuits was associated with higher stress, more cognitive failures, and more injuries outside of work.

Our aim is to ensure healthy snacks are being consumed more regular in a bid to lower health problems predominately in children and younger adults. We invite you to browse through our exciting range of over 600 health based snack food in our store and start enjoying a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle. 

Who are We?

Health Snacks is an Australia Owned & Operated company specializing in health food snacks.

Our Mission

To ensure that more kids and adults are aware of the benefits of healthy snacks as a better alternative to regular snacks with just as much variety and taste as regular snacks.